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                                        Our Founder 
                              Gwen Thomas
Gwen Thomas is the founder of Fresh Perspectives and currently, serves as the Executive Director. Through her efforts, the organization has helped students win more than $4million dollars in scholarships and fellowships and travel abroad to more than 100 International cities, 6 continents and 40 countries.

A businesswoman for nearly 30 years, Thomas brings 30 years of corporate experience to the organization.

In 2009, Thomas created a pilot program surrounding whether parents and students understood college selection process, college admission process, and college financial aid planning.  She found that parents and students from a cross section of races, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds lacked a thorough understanding and often were victims of the college debt crisis.  

In 2010, Thomas formed Fresh Perspectives in an effort to teach students and families understand the importance of generating a better return on their investment.

Fresh Perspectives Seminars facilitates student seminars and parent workshops on closing the gap on educational disparities, college readiness, college financial literacy and workforce preparedness.  

Thomas works with institutions on incorporating workforce preparedness into their curriculum.  She also works with corporations on school community engagement projects and best practices in diversity.

Thomas has been featured in several publications , on radio and television news features.

Gwen is a recipient of the Detroit Career Masters Award: Leadership in Action Award, Birmingham Diversity Champion Award from the Task Force on Diversity and Race Relations, and the 2012 Michigan State Conference NAACP Presidents Award.

A sought-after speaker and moderator for local and national organizations, Gwen Thomas holds a B.A in Political Science and Communications from Oakland University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

She has served on several boards and involved in numerous community initiatives.

She has one son, Cameron, a U.S. diplomat and inspiration for her book, "The Parents Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College without Going Broke".

Ms. Thomas is an avid traveler and enjoys writing, golf and cooking.
"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining.
You make progress by implementing ideas"

- Shirley Chisholm

Our Purpose

Fresh Perspectives Seminars offers domestic and global communities a series of empowering seminars and workshops that focus on college readiness, college financial literacy, parenting, entrepreneurship, diversity, and a round robin of girls and women's  issues.


The purpose of  The Fresh Perspectives College Success program is to produce high school and college scholars.  We help young people achieve their full potential through college access, college prep, and workforce preparedness opportunities.  Fresh Perspectives offers a series of workshops on career development and travel abroad programs.  Students learn about scholarships that are available for a broad range of disciplines: leadership, gifted, community service, innovation, technology or for those who have achieved academic success. 

The Fresh Perspective College Sucess program provides an orientation for both parents and students early as the 5th grade, so they understand the required scholarship process to achieve a fully paid college education. Ultimately, our program empowers parents to encourage their student to build character and conviction and get on the trajectory for college success. We are optimistic that after participating in our programs,  students will be well prepared for college,  transit successful to the workplace and learn the skills required to be globally competitive.

Fresh Perspectives Seminars mission is to help improve the economic stability of students and families through post-secondary education and vocational training opportunities.  We are not satisfied with students just going to college but instead, we want students to graduate college with the lowest amount of debt, allowing them to have a fresh start as they launch their careers after college.

Fresh Perspectives Seminars work collectively with students, parents, employees, corporate and institutions with resources, programs and consulting services to prepare students for Workforce2020.

Fresh Perspectives helps students from all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.  Subsequently by helping students who might be low-income, first-generation students, students of color or disadvantaged in any way, we hope to contribute to laying the foundation for a better economy, a healthier community and a stronger workforce ready to compete in the 21st-century global economy.  


Our goal is to help students understand the significance of gaining job specific skills while attending college and encouraging universities to include soft skills and hard skills into course curriculums. This conception is a solution to closing the gap on unemployment for college graduates.  

Fresh Perspectives provides a seminar series of 5 module that teaches entrepreneurs the fundamentals of being in business.  The audience includes students all ages.


We provide a series of seminars for community organizations and corporations on the importance of understanding and respecting cross cultures.  Diversity is good for business and we teach companies the importance of having a diverse workforce and supplier base.


Fresh Perspectives works speaks about women on cyber-stalking, domestic violence, unequal employment compensation, and corporate procurement