About Us
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                                        Our Founder 
                        Gwen Thomas
Gwen Thomas is both the President and CEO of Gwen Thomas PR, INC. and Founder of Fresh Perspectives, a Seminar Production Business.

A business woman for more than 30 years, Thomas has worked with more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies throughout North America.

Gwen Thomas was the first African American to be awarded a contract with General Motors for the North American International Auto Show”. 

Fresh Perspectives Seminars facilitates seminars and workshops on education, business and the best practices in diversity.

Ms. Thomas has collaborated with organizations like UNCF, Coca Cola, Comerica Bank, Chase Bank and New York Life to speak with students and families on college readiness, closing the gap on educational disparities and securing scholarships.

To date, Thomas has assisted students to obtain more than $4,000,000 in scholarships, grants, and  fellowships.

Ms. Thomas has been featured in several publications , on radio and television news features.

Gwen is a recipient of the Birmingham Community House Diversity Champion Award from the Task Force on Diversity and Race Relations, and the 2012 Michigan State Conference  Presidents Award.

A sought after speaker and moderator for local and national organizations, Gwen Thomas Has a B.A in Political Science and Communications from Oakland University and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

She has served on several boards and involved in numerous community initiatives.

She has one son, Cameron, a U.S. diplomat and inspiration for her book.

Ms. Thomas is an avid traveler and enjoys writing and cooking.
"You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining.
You make progress by implementing ideas"

- Shirley Chisholm

Our Purpose

Fresh Perspectives Seminars offers the community a series of seminars that focus on empowerment through college funding, child development and marketing communications.

Fresh Perspectives Seminars mission is to improve post secondary education completion opportunities, particularly among low-income families and those who have been recent victims of a down economy. Fresh Perspectives wants to help break down barriers surrounding college funding and college admission. There is often a great deal of confusion surrounding these processes which can often prevent students from making informed decisions regarding college. Fresh Perspectives Seminars offer several seminars that address the challenges that face students during the college admission process.

College funding is a major factor that hinders students from attending college or selecting the best college. By addressing the perceptions that students have about financial aid availability, Fresh Perspectives can often combat those challenges simply by educating both students and parents about the resources and options available aside from student loans. In addition to providing ongoing college planning and information, students buy into the feeling that they have a caring organization who is concerned about their future. Another challenge, which students encountered if they are from a low-income or from a low achieving environment, is a negative culture at home that conveys a college education is unnecessary. This is often as a result of being a first generation college student. By helping students who might be low income, first generation students, students of color or disadvantaged in any way, we hope to contribute to laying the foundation for a better economy, a healthier community and a stronger workforce ready to compete in a 21st century global economy.

Fresh Perspectives Seminars is strengthening relationships with universities and high schools, by developing a curriculum that allows everyone to work collaboratively to engage students and parents in an early start college preparation pathway. Parents will be encouraged to begin working with children as early as possible in an effort to increase college readiness, college enrollment and a successful journey through college. Low income families will gain an understanding that college is not out of reach for their children to obtain.

The goal of our program is to help young people achieve their potential through access to a college prep opportunities as early as 9th grade and a fine college education funded through scholarships. Our program provides an orientation that prepares parents and students early so they understand the required scholarship process. Ultimately, our program empowers parents to encourage their student to build character and conviction. We are optimistic that our students will be prepared for workplace competencies for Workforce 2020 and learn the skills required to meet a Global Economy.