Welcome to our student scholarship coaching division. 

We assume that you have already ordered the self help book guide, "The Parents Smart Guide to Sending your Kids to College without Going Broke"

We know the work to obtain scholarships can often be a grueling task and students and parents might still need a jump start to coaching and scholarship essay writing.
If your family is serious about getting scholarships. We will teach the process and guide you with creating timeline and tools you will need.

Seminars are held via Skype or Facetime. In person coaching are held with groups of 12 or more.

  • 1 hr Consultant: 30 minutes with student/parent, 30 minutes with student, review of majors, schools and scholarship to complete and how to write winnin essays.

  • 2hr Consultation: 30 minutes with parent/students, 1.5 hr with student reviewing potential schools, field of study and scholarships, and jumpstart their scholarship writing.
                -Coaching and  review of writing strategies and tips for  2 -3 scholarships.                          the session can be completed in 2 sessions, must be completed in 7 days

  • 3 hr Consultation: 30 minutes with parent/students, 1.5 hr with student; reviewing potential schools, field of study and scholarships, and jumpstarting their scholarship writing. 
                - Coaching and  review of writing strategies and tips/editing for 2 to 3                                 scholarships. This seminar can be broken into 3 1 hr. sessions. The session                       must be completed in 10 days.

  • New Years Special - 1 hr free with 3 hrs until Feb 28, 2018.

Gwen Thomas
Fresh Perspectives, Founder
Scholarship Coach & Speaker